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плъзгаща врата, врата към двор, врата на вила, алуминиево плъзгане, pvc плъзгане

Tilt and Slide system

Type Volkswagen

The Volkswagen-type portal is a special mechanism for opening PVC and aluminum windows and doors through pulling and sliding. The structure consists of an opening sash and a fixed (non-opening) part. When opening, the handle is pulled towards us and slides in front of the non-opening section of the window or door. The sliding is facilitated by a special rail and features a perfect rubber seal. The Volkswagen mechanism is known for its exceptionally comfortable and smooth movement of the sashes, which can be opened in a "tilt and turn" fashion.

This type of mechanism can be used to create windows or doors with most types of standard PVC or aluminum profiles. It is commonly employed in situations where space-saving is required, such as in narrower spaces, and when aiming for higher comfort in terms of opening and operation compared to traditional windows and doors.

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