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Salamander GreenEvolution 76

Technical details

  • Construction depth: 76 mm

  • 5-chamber profile

  • Glazing up to 48 mm

  • Up to Uw = 0.74 W/(m²K)

  • Sound insulation up to 47 dB

 With greenEvolution 76, we're taking the next step in window design. A sustainable plastic window that matches the facade and the interior? With a wide range of decors and real material surfaces, any conceivable style can be realized: From classic purist and to strikingly modern. With the six compatible product lines of the profile series, let your imagination run free even for custom window shapes. Whether the number of sashes, glazing bars, a round frame profile, or maybe a square one instead, your ideas easily become reality. Whether a new construction project or a renovation project, we have the right profile system.

саламандър greenevolution 82, профил в разрез


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