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KMG Prestige 70

Technical details

  • Construction depth – 70mm

  • 6 chamber profile;

  • Glazing up to  42mm 

  • Thermal transmittance  U = 1,37 W/(m2.K)

  • Weighted sound reduction index – 34 dB

The new 6-chamber system "Prestige" is mainly intended for foreign markets - countries with cold climates such as Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Siberia and more. We can guarantee our customers excellent quality profile since before placing series of market tests were made in several independent foreign laboratories for the compressibility factor profile, as this is a major factor for the countries located in colder climate zones. The test results gave final opinion that the new 6-chamber PVC system "Prestige" is very suitable for such weather conditions and even the experts recommend putting just such a profile, especially since the heat insulating qualities are excellent.

kmg prestige 70


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