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Altest LS70

The lift & slide system LS70 represents the new evolution of Altest’s advanced systems, for projects with wide plans and impressive characteristics. The system complies perfectly with the modern trends of “transparent” architecture, combining high thermal isolation, safety, and modern design. Its minimal design along with the state-of-the-art technology make it the ideal solution for projects enhancing natural lighting, satisfying even the most demanding requirements.

Technical details

  • Smart water drainage system, even in heavy conditions.

  • A special water drainage valve, placed under the central interlocking profile, offers a high level of water-tightness.

  • Cover caps with EPDM sponge seals for high weather and acoustic performance.

  • Ideal for large openings with a maximum window height of 3000 mm and maximum weight of 400kg with special accessories.

алтест плъзгане, алуминиево плъзгане, лс70


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